Mad Hot Ballroom Bulletproof Records Soundtrack
Release: 2009
Label: Bulletproof


1. Cassie Steele "Crash My Party"
2. "Keith and Renee "Good Year"
3. The Blue Seeds "My Fair Weather Friend"
4. Jake Epstein "Rescue You"
5. Howie Beck "Watch Out For The Fuzz"
6. Cassie Steele "Life Is A Show"
7. The School "All I Wanna Do"
8. The Two Minute Miracles "The Bee Hell"
9. Jake Epstein "Swan Song"
10. Scout "Come On And Go"
11. Stdz "I Just Wanna Party"
12. Cassie Steele, Michael Seater, and The Mewesical High Cast "One Saturday Night Away"