Mad Hot Ballroom Bulletproof Records Soundtrack
Release: 2008
Label: Bulletproof


1. The Ralph Sall Experience "Rock Me Sexy Jesus"
2. The Ralph Sall Experience "You're As Gay As The Day Is Long"
3.The Ralph Sall Experience "Someone Save My Life Tonight"
4. Steve Coogan, Phoebe Strole, & Skylar Astin "Raped In The Face"
5. The Ralph Sall Experience "Maniac"
6. Curtain Falls *
7. All Too Much "I See A World"
8. Guitar Sweet *
9. Everlast "What It's Like"
10. All Too Much "Sleep"
11. All Too Much "Gone"
12. Interstellar Force "Move Your Groove"
13. ABC "The Look Of Love (Part 1)"

* Original Motion Picture Score by RALPH SALL