Jackass Number Two 2 Bulletproof Records Soundtrack
Release: Sept. 26, 2006
Label: Bulletproof
Press: Spin.com

1. “johnny knoxville: i’m going to the moon”
2. smut peddlers “if you’re gonna be dumb”
3. three 6 mafia feat. josey scott of saliva “gettin f**ked up”
4. karen o feat. peaches “backass”
5. “chris pontius: i‘m ashamed of myself”
6. the datsuns “mf from hell”
7. “ehren mcgehey: i’m going to die”
8. turbonegro “all my friends are dead”
9. the vandals “urban struggle”
10. “brandon dicamillo: your teeth look like”
11. cakecutter “fly“
12. “johnny knoxville: rectal bleeding”
13. peaches “f**k the pain away”
14. “johnny knoxville and bam margera: are you crying?”
15. elvis presley “a little less conversation”
16. pavement “cut your hair”
17. chris pontius "karazy"
18. “steve-o: i need a doctor”
19. slayer “spill the blood”
20. “dave england: my ass hurts so bad”
21. josie cotton “johnny, are you queer?”
22. roger alan wade “sometimes i don’t know if i’ll make it”
23. the cast of jackass “the best of times”