The GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST soundtrack includes the biggest movie stars in the world: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner and Michael Douglas as we follow a serial dater as he looks at his life past, present and future and the true meaning of love. The soundtrack includes multi-platinum selling artist Gavin Rossdale doing an amazing version of Joe South and Deep Purple’s classic “Hush” as well as critical darling Matthew Sweet performing the highly original, and very hummable, title track. Other classic tracks include: REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Loving You”, Kool and the Gang’s “Ladies Night” and Men Without Hats classic “Safety Dance.”

DEGRASSI GOES HOLLYWOOD : MUSIC FROM THE ORIGINAL MOVIE! is the soundtrack to the first Degrassi movie in well over a decade! The soundtrack features 4 original songs from the film, including 2 songs from Degrassi’s own Cassie Steele and a new song from everybody’s favorite Degrassi rock star, Jake Epstein. Another Jake Epstein track “Swan Song” is revisited and made available for the first time on CD! Also available for the first time on CD is a track from Degrassi’s mysterious cult rock band Stüdz. The soundtrack also features an array of talented indie artists, from upcoming UK popsters The School to self produced Canadian power popper Howie Beck. More than half the songs on this soundtrack will be available for the first time ever in the United States!

With tears of joy, and of sorrow, we bring you the final chapter in the Instant Star series, INSTANT STAR: GREATEST HITS. This album compiles songs from all four seasons and offers up 13 selections featuring the show’s star ALEXZ JOHNSON, as well as tracks from co-stars Tyler Kyte and Cory Lee. Relive your favorite episodes, recall the wonderful moments, and reflect upon the times you shared with Jude, Tommy, Jamie, Spiederman, and the rest of the gang! The walk down memory lane is long, hard road, but this soundtrack is a great one to guide you along the way. This is the ultimate collection for the ultimate fan!

From the final season of The-N network’s hit series Instant Star comes SONGS FROM INSTANT STAR 4: MUSIC FROM THE TV SHOW. This season features an explosive collection of songs from the cast and songwriters who have really come into their own and pulled out all the stops to bring you what are easily the most sincere and powerful songs since the show’s inception. All your favorite cast members make appearances: Tyler Kyte, Cory Lee, a handful of tracks from ALEXZ JOHNSON, as well as songs from newcomers Cassie Steele and Kyle Riabko! So get out those dancing shoes, strap on that air guitar, and rock out to the best original soundtrack on television today!

Life has its downs for James, living with his mom in Chicago at 39, an aging performer at Second City, eating and weighing too much. A woman he's been dating drops him, as does his agent, her brother. Someone's remaking his favorite movie, "Marty," a role he'd love, but he doesn't even get an audition. Things look up when he meets the quirky Beth at an ice cream shop. Can James make a career for himself, move out from mom's, and find someone to eat cheese with? Or is he destined to watch Jackie Gleason and be Marty for the rest of his life? The soundtrack features a selection of songs heard in the film including two songs by Jackie Gleason.

Given that this is a haunted house story, with the supernatural threat off screen a good deal of the time, the music is like a character in the film. And not just in a scary way. It captures a real sense of sadness as well. THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE features an incredible score by Robert Kral. The Australian film composer behind the hit series “Angel”, was able to create an atmosphere that brilliantly combines all the elements needed. It captures the creepiness and the sadness while making you feel like terrible things are just around the corner, along with great emotional cues for when the family is falling apart under the pressure. The kind that you just don't normally find in a horror film. Not to mention the epic music of the big scenes at the end, and a heartbreaking vocal piece that is nothing short of genius.

Soul/Funk, Surf Rock, Glam Rock, Disco... and that’s just the first 4 tracks!

NEW IN TOWN : MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE, the soundtrack to Gold Circle Films’ upcoming romantic comedy featuring megastar Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick, Jr., has a little something for everyone (you too, country fans) and the potential to open listeners‘ ears to a world of great new artists from all walks of life. Some old hits are revisted in Gloria Gaynor’s #1 disco hit “I Will Survive” and T. Rex #3 UK glam rock stomper “20th Century Boy”, while some new hits will be made in the eyes and ears of listeners fortunate to embark upon this aural journey.

ESPN’s X Games are back and they’re bringing with them the X GAMES AFTER PARTY : MUSIC FROM THE X GAMES, a soundtrack of 12 high energy, hard-edged alternative rock and roll tunes to get your blood pumping. The premier action sports event returned this January (Winter X Games) and August (X Games) to showcase some of the biggest names in action sports, including Travis Pastrana, Shaun White, Gretchen Bleiler, and Ricky Carmichael, competing for medals and prize money in: Rally Car Racing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, BMX Freestyle, Moto X, Skiing and Snowmobile. This year’s accompanying soundtrack features artists that will be appearing on the broadcasts, with songs that will give you that adrenaline rush without the 80 ft mega ramp!

MUSIC FROM DEGRASSI : THE NEXT GENERATION accompanies the 7th Season of Canada’s longest running and favorite teen drama, Degrassi:The Next Generation and features some of radio’s hottest new North American acts. From Grammy nominated Paramore to SoCal indie sensations Hellogoodbye, this record is sure to rock the socks off of teeny-boppers nationwide. And if that isn’t enough, also included is Natasha Bedingfield’s remix of her Top 20 hit single “Pocketful Of Sunshine”, featured in the show, and exclusively available here!

ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO: MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE is the soundtrack to Kevin Smith’s latest film in a long line of MPAA boundary pushing, laugh-out-loud raunch comedies. Lifelong platonic friends Zack (SETH ROGEN) and Miri (ELIZABETH BANKS) look to solve their respective cashflow problems by making an “adult film” together. As the cameras roll, however, the duo begin to sense that they may have more feelings for each other than they previously thought. The soundtrack is chock full of hits from the 80’s to present and layered with innuendo that will recall first times, backseat romances, and all the partying that greased the wheels.

CITY OF EMBER: ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK is the accompanying soundtrack to one of this year’s biggest family films. Based on the best selling novel, this post-apocalyptic-action-adventure film will please children and adults alike and stars BILL MURRAY, TIM ROBBINS, and MARTIN LANDAU. For generations, the people of the City of Ember have flourished in an amazing world of glittering lights. But Ember's once powerful generator is failing... and the great lamps that illuminate the city are starting to flicker. Now, two teenagers in a race against time, must search Ember for clues that will unlock the ancient mystery of the city's existence, and help the citizens escape before the lights go out forever. The soundtrack features an original score by Andrew Lockington, in his follow-up to the critically acclaimed score for "Journey To The Center Of The Earth".

HAMLET 2: MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE features an original soundtrack of laugh-out-loud tunes like "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" and "You're As Gay As The Day Is Long" as well as brand new arrangements of such classics as Michael Sembello's "Maniac" and Elton John's "Someone Saved My Life Tonight". This soundtrack is sure to have you rolling on the floor laughing like that video of your father getting kicked in the groin. The film stars Steve Coogan as a failed actor-turned-worse-high-school-drama teacher who rallies his Tucson, AZ students as he conceives and stages a politically incorrect musical sequel to Shakespeare's Hamlet. The film also stars: Catherine Keener, David Arquette, Elisabeth Shue, and Amy Poehler.

SON OF RAMBOW: MUSIC FROM AND INSPIRED BY THE MOTION PICTURE features great 80’s hits by artists like THE CURE, GARY NUMAN and DURAN DURAN. The film, from the makers of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”, is a coming of age comedy that takes place in everybody’s favorite decade...the eighties! Two friends bond over the experience of seeing Rambo: First Blood and set out to make their own movie. The soundtrack is filled with original hits, from the era, that make a great cohesive 80’s album. Also included is the whimsical score created by composer Joby Talbot. The film is great, the tagline “Make Believe, Not War” is great, and the album is a smash hit!

INSTANT STAR IS BACK AND EVERYBODY WANTS IN! With a fresh new look and the music to match, Songs From Instant Star 3 definitely has the making to be a hit with teens all across the nation. The album features 14 emotional compositions from the third season, complete with performances by the various members of Instant Star's stellar cast including Tyler Kyte, Cory Lee, Lindsay Robins and, of course, Alexz Johnson. In addition to its star-studded performers, Songs From Instant Star 3 features some of Canada's most talented songwriters, including Damhnait Doyle, Gregg Johnston, Rob Wells, Luke McMaster and Christopher Ward.

SHOOT ‘EM UP: MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE features amped up hard rock hits from the gritty, fast-paced action thriller. SHOOT ‘EM UP kicks into high gear with a memorable opening scene and never relents. Clive Owen stars as Mr. Smith, a mysterious loner who teams up with an unlikely ally (Monica Bellucci) to protect a newborn baby from a determined criminal (Paul Giamatti) who hunts throughout the bowels of the city. Shoot ‘Em Up is written and directed by Michael Davis (Monster Man).

ARCTIC TALE: MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE features new, exclusive tracks from legends Brian Wilson, Barry Gibb, Aimee Mann, Grant-Lee Phillips, Matt Costa, and All Too Much; and hits from Pearl Jam, Sheryl Crow, The Shins and more! From National Geographic Films, the people who brought you MARCH OF THE PENGUINS and Paramount Classics, the studio that brought you AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, ARCTIC TALE is an epic adventure that explores the vast world of the Great North. The film, narrated by Queen Latifah, follows the walrus, Seela and the polar bear, Nanu, on their journey from birth to adolescence to maturity and parenthood in the frozen Arctic wilderness. Once a perpetual winter wonderland of snow and ice, the walrus and the polar bear are losing their beautiful icebound world as it melts from underneath them.

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THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2: THE ALBUM features the EXCLUSIVE "Hills Have Eyes" theme song by LOUDLION, as well as killer tracks from THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, WALLS OF JERICHO and SHADOWS FALL. Written and produced by horror master Wes Craven, director of the HILLS HAVE EYES as well as horror classics A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and SCREAM, THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 takes us back to the barren lands of cannibalistic terror for a second helping. Get your copy of this monstrous metal compilation now!

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LICENSE TO WED: MUSIC FROM AND INSPIRED BY THE MOTION PICTURE features timeless wedding classics from The Beach Boys, Al Green, The Righteous Brothers, Diana Krall and more! This romantic soundtrack accompanies the hilarious film, starring John Krasinski (The Office), Mandy Moore (Because I Said So, A Walk To Remember) and Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam) that follows newly engaged Ben Murphy and his fiancée, Sadie Jones as they battle through, Reverend Frank’s "foolproof" marriage-prep course. This is the most romantic wedding compilation of the year!

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Bang your head to BALLS OF FURY: MUSIC FROM AND INSPIRED BY THE MOTION PICTURE featuring classic hard rockin' anthems from hair-metal gods Poison, Whitesnake, Slaughter and Night Ranger plus exclusive new recordings of Def Leppard classics by BALLS' star DAN FOGLER with Danny Saber on "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Rock Of Ages" by supergroup LoudLion (featuring members of Rooney, The Donnas and more), and the title track "Balls Of Fury" by Craig Wedren. This party-fueled mullet-lovin' hard rockin' album is the perfect companion to the film.

NANCY DREW is Warner Bros. Pictures’ major motion picture adaptation of Carolyn Keene's classic children's book series, directed by ANDREW FLEMING (Craft, Dick), produced by JERRY WEINTRAUB (Ocean’s 11, Karate Kid), and starring EMMA ROBERTS (Nickelodeon’s UNFABULOUS). NANCY DREW: MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE features an all-star lineup of top artists spanning pop, rock, hip-hop, and R&B. It includes NINE NEWLY-RECORDED AND ORIGINAL EXCLUSIVE TRACKS from Liz Phair, J-Kwon, The Donnas, Matthew Sweet (w/ Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles), Bizarre, Cupid, Katie Melua, Price, and Joanna—plus the hit “Like A Star” by Corinne Bailey Rae and more!

A MIGHTY HEART: MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE includes tracks by Platinum selling world music artist, ASHA BHOSLE, one of the foremost Indian vocalists of all time, LATA MANGESHKAR, French superstars NOUVELLE VAGUE, Scotland’s hottest DJ, DJ KUNAL, and more! These vibrant world melodies accompany the event that shocked the world—the tragic death of the Wall Street Journal’s, DANIEL PEARL.  Starring Academy Award Winner Angelina Jolie, A MIGHTY HEART is Directed by MICHAEL WINTERBOTTOM and produced by BRAD PITT and Dede Gardner for Plan B Entertainment. This is the most gripping soundtrack of the year.

Powerhouse actresses DIANE KEATON (Something’s Gotta Give, Annie Hall), MANDY MOORE (A Walk To Remember), LAUREN GRAHAM (Gilmore Girls) and PIPER PERABO (Coyote Ugly) fuel this music-filled romantic comedy about cutting the apron strings, BECAUSE I SAID SO. This soundtrack features KT Tunstall, Rick Nelson, The Impressions, The Weepies and more. Romantics of all ages can enjoy this fun-filled, soulful and rockin’ soundtrack.

CHARLOTTE’S WEB is the major motion picture adaptation of one of the biggest children’s books of all time. Featuings OPRAH, JULIA ROBERTS, ROBERT REDFORD, DAKOTA FANNING, JOHN CLEESE + more! This uplifting album features CHART-TOPPING Christian artist Hawk Nelson, multi-platinum artists Amy Grant & Billy Ray Cyrus, exclusive tracks by Bob Carlisle, Leigh Nash (Sixpence None The Richer), The Send + more!!
Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and the rest of the original cast are back in this gruesome, hilarious, side-splitting sequel to "Jackass: The Movie ". This original soundtrack is packed with music prominently featured during stunts in the film. Exclusive new tracks from Karen O of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Three 6 Mafia, Chris Pontius, and The Jackass Cast, plus dialogue from the film!!!

The original party animals roll into theatres August 4th. The film, from Nickelodeon Films and Paramount Pictures, promises that “What happens in the barn, stays in the barn.” The album features all of the tracks done specifically for this belly-laugher, plus tracks from Peter Gabriel, Bobby McFerrin & Russell Ferrante, Shaggy and more!
The wait is finally over. CLERKS II picks up 10 years after the original, reuniting us with Dante, Randal, and heroes Jay and Silent Bob, plus Rosario Dawson! It's sure to be a hit with fans of both CLERKS and the world of Kevin Smith (Mallrats, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back). The soundtrack ranges from Talking Heads to Jackson 5 to Alanis Morissette to King Diamond.