Mad Hot Ballroom Bulletproof Records Soundtrack
Release: Jan 15, 2008
Label: Bulletproof


1. Alexz Johnson "Where Does It Hurt"
2. Cory Lee "Waste My Time"
3.Tyler Kyte "What You Need"
4. Alexz Johnson "I Don't Know If I Should Stay"
5. Damhnait Doyle "Just The Beginning"
6. Cory Lee "Love To Burn"
7. Tyler Kyte "Unraveling"
8. Alexz Johnson "Don't You Dare"
9. Cory Lee "I Will Be The Flame"
10. Tyler Kyte "Worth Wating For"
11. Damhnait Doyle "Darkness Round The Sun"
12. Lindsay Robins "Shooting Star"
13. Alexz Johnson "The Breakdown"
14. Cory Lee "No Shirt No Shoes"